Welcome to Winton


Winton –
*the birthplace of Waltzing Matilda and QANTAS
(QANTAS was registered as a Company headquartered in Winton
in 1920 and the first QANTAS Board meeting was held in Winton in 1921)
*home to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs
*centre of the boulder opal industry
*the Western River is just to the south of town, and the Diamantina River just to the west. (See http://oldcorkstation.info )
*Waltzing Matilda Centre incorporating QANTILDA Pioneer Place Museum
*Bladensburg National Park
*shearers’ strike memorial
*The Royal Theatre – open air and 103 year old
*Winton’s Diamantina Truck Museum
*Corfield & Fitzmaurice craft and museum centre

and much more.